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    Videotape Transfer to Digital files, Mass Media Migration

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    Item #:EQ706144U
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    Equipment Description:
    with BKFC-210 hand conversion kit for DV-CAM, upto 6 BKFC-21DV DVCAM Bin units. VTR excluded.

    Model Description:
    tape playback/record automation system with DVCAM bins.

    Equipment Details

    Complete working system with:

    BFC-1 Flexicart machine console.

    BKFC-100 serial interface board.

    BKFC-210 DVCAM Hand Kit.

    Also available:

    Up to 6 BKFC-21DV DVCAM Bin units available.

    BKFC-52 and BKFC-53 VTR mount kits available.

    Encoding system working with this system available.

    Model Details

    The Flexicart system can accommodate a wide variety of tape formats and can be configured for use with up to 4 tape machines.

    dimensions are 24" (61 cm)x78" (199 cm) x43" (110 cm) and the weight is 551 lbs.

    This model is set up with DVCAM bins.


    • Flexible configuration of VTRs and cassette bin units allows installation of Sony DVR-28/20/18/10 series, D-2 VTRs, or BVW-75/70/65/60 series, Betacam SP VTRs (also S-VHS models) which are recognized by the television and post production industry for thei
    • Compatible cassette bin units achieve flexible cassette handling by allowing operators to use any cassette tape length, regardless of its size
    • For flexible system configurations equipped with the VCC (Versatile Cart Controller) interface communicating through a RS-232C/422A selective port, which enables versatile connection with an application controller
    • IBM PC/AT based application software for simple operation
    • ISR capability
    • Application Overview
    • The Flexicart system's unique collection of features-size, functionality, reconfigurability - makes it an incredibly versatile system. And the incredibly low price means that a wide range of needs can be cost-effectively automated
    • Program Playback: Now any operation can automate its program playback with the Flexicart. VTRs are readied, tapes are cued and events are switched automatically. Tapes can be loaded in advance - there's no shuffling back and forth of tapes, no need to sta
    • Recording: More and more program material is delivered by satellite feed rather than in tape form. Someone has to be on call to initiate and monitor the recording - no matter what time the feed comes in. The Flexicart now lets you automate the process, fr
    • News: By the same token, the Flexicart has some powerful news applications. The Flexicart can record incoming news service and local feeds from ENG vans. Your recording is not limited by the length of a cassette because the Flexicart automatically switche
    • Sports: And in the sports arena, the Flexicart system's ability to record any length material makes it particularly well suited to recording lengthy sports events.
    • Cable: Plays back even the most demanding schedule of cable movies and filler material. The Sony software allows up to four different outputs.
    • Time Delay: The network feed arrives on the hour, but you need to delay broadcast by five minutes. Or an hour. With the Flexicart, whether you want to extend primetime or adjust for a time-zone difference, you can make it happen automatically and seamless
    • Editing: The Flexicart makes editing tasks like auto-assembly and personalization of promo tags an easy automated process.
    • Dubbing or striping: Use the Flexicart to automate these procedures during off-peak hours, maximizing resources, saving time and cutting costs. A wide range of software packages - both from Sony and third party vendors - make the Flexicart perfect for app


    Additional Detailed Information:

    Accessory Products

    • BKFC54
      Flexicart VTR Mount for DVCAM

    • BKFC8D
      Flexicart Bin Unit for D-1 or D-2 Cassettes

    • BKFC52
      VTR Mount Kit DVR-10P, DVR-20P

    • BKFC53/3
      Rack Rails for VTR in BFC-1

    • BKFC100
      Flexicart 2-Port Serial Interface Board

    • BKFC200
      Flexicart Barcode Reader

    • BKFC10B
      Bin Unit for Betacam Cassettes

    • BKFC10S
      Bin Unit for SVHS Cassettes

    • BKFC210
      DVCAM Hand Kit

    • BKFC21DV
      Flexicart Bin Unit for DVCAM

    Additional Information


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