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    Videotape Transfer to Digital files, Mass Media Migration

    Film scanner

    Digital Vision Golden Eye III

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    Item #:EQ706414U
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    Equipment Description:
    with 2K and HD-SDI 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, Optical Sound ... computer & Software

    Model Description:
    GOLDEN EYE III 2K or 4K, film scanner for motion picture film, for DI and Restoration.

    Equipment Details

    Reference:-Report of the Technical assessment of this Golden Eye 3 film scanner:

    Pre-owned Golden Eye 3 film scanner equipped with:

    Film gates and optical assemblies for Super 35mm, Academy 35mm, Super 16mm, Academy 16mm and Super 8mm film

    Optical Sound for all Comopt films, Keycode reader for all Keycode embedded film

    Optical perforation detection

    Multi format film rollers, index wheel (counter) and PTR’s

    Spool Plate kits for 35mm, 16mm and 8mm

    Data output (2K and HD) via ATTO optical Fibre Channel adapter

    Video output (HD-SDI)

    Main Computer and Software

    Camera Link and USB cables for connecting the scanner head to the main computer

    The above machine for functionality and performance as per the published specification for the scanner:

    Checked the LED engine for function and defunct Led’s - All OK

    Checked Film Transport for function and stability- All OK

    Checked all Optical Assemblies and film gates for function and alignment – film gates show some cosmetic wear patterns but otherwise functioningnormally- All OK

    Checked Optical Sound and Keycode- All OK

    Checked UI and all scanner functions- All OK

    Overall, this machine is in good technical condition, with a few bits of cosmetic wear and tear (mostly paintwork) damage, none of whichwill affect it’s operation.

    Available NOW.

    Additional Information:

    Model Details

    The Optimal Scanning Solution for DI and Restoration

    GOLDEN EYE III is a high speed and high-resolution, 2K or 4K, film scanner for motion picture film.
    The scanner handles Negative, Print and Intermediate in all major film formats: 16 / 35 / 70 as well as 8 mm. The high performance makes the scanner the perfect tool for DI, Archiving and Restoration.

    The latest generation, Golden Eye III, includes many new features:
    ? Highest Image Quality using LED Light Source - The new light source technology offers increased Colour Depth, Sharpness and Durability.

    ? Decreased Processing Time - The new Golden Eye III user interface offers a complete new layout and new features like; Image Cache with preview, more effective EDL handling and improved Colour Management.

    ? Efficient Mechanical Handling - The Golden Eye III platform has been modified with new Layout and Quick Change Optics for efficient operation changing film formats.

    ? More Effective Primary Grading using HD/SDI output and support for Tangent Wave Control Panel.

    The unique film transport, using capstan drive and optical registration, is optimized for gentle handling of old fragile film from the archives. For restoration the high resolution scans, 2K or 4K, are scanned directly to the SAN, instantly accessible to the restoration suite as DPX, TIF or other.

    In archiving applications GOLDEN EYE can be used for WEB or DVD distribution. 8 mm, 16 mm, 35 mm or 70 mm film can be scanned in up to real time speed into SD or HD resolution, instantly available as Quicktime, TIF, DPX or AVI sequences.

    In the DI workflow the one and same GOLDEN EYE acts as a Telecine, making digital dailies in real time for editing and scanning high resolution selects from EDL’s for colour grading.

    The Image Cache functionality allows fast set-up of the batch recording without running the film back and forth. Functions like; Set punch hole, Adjust clip position, Preview of each clip and Primary grading of each clip, can all be performed from the Image Cache.

    Colour grading can be performed via External Panel or using Vectorscope, RGB-Waveform or Histogram in the Golden Eye Control software. The efficient basic set-up uses Automatic Exposure, Automatic Dmin/Dmax and Automatic Film Base Adjustment. HD-SDI output is available for preview.

    Sound Decoding and Keycode is handled by software using the additional image sensor in Golden Eye

    Technical Specification – Golden Eye III

    ? Restoration of old shrunken film in SD, HD, 2K or 4K resolution
    ? High-resolution scanning for DI grading
    ? Real time scanning into digital dailies or WEB/DVD distribution

    ? 2K or 4K sensor
     ? 2K sensor pixel size 14x14 μm
    ? 4K sensor pixel size 10x10 μm
    ? True RGB: One sensor per colour
    ? Bit depth: 12 bits per colour

    ? Up to 15 fps in full 2K resolution
    ? Up to 4 fps in full 4K resolution
    ? Real time scanning in automatic down sampling mode
    ? Overview speed up to 65 fps
    ? Winding speed up to 4 m/s (200 fps)

    Film Types
    ? Colour Print and Negative
    ? B/W Print and Negative
    ? Intermediate

    ? Golden Eye III platform
     ? Maximum Reel size 2000 feet
    ? Gentle film transport with continuous movement
    ? Gate options: Non-contact gate or Full support gate for old warped film
    ? Scanner dimensions (mm): 1000 x 800 x 400

    Optical Registration
    ? Image registration and synchronization performed in software

    Film Formats
    ? 8 mm (Regular and Super)
    ? 16 mm (Regular and Super)
    ? 35 mm (Academy and Super)
    ? 70 mm
    ? Other film formats available on request

    Colour Management
    ? Automatic Dmin and Dmax calibration
    ? Automatic exposure control
    ? Film base correction
    ? Custom colour setting via RGB Waveform, Vector Scope or Histogram

    Batch Recording and Image Cache
    ? Automatic scan from EDL-Clip list
    ? Punch hole setting from Cache
    ? Colour grading of each clip from Cache
    ? Preview from Cache

    Output / Supported File Formats
    ? Multiple Tiff (optional compression)
    ? DPX (8, 10, 16 bit log or linear)
    ? Quicktime: Uncompressed or PCinstalled codecs
    ? MPEG, AVI, WMV and more

    ? Free format or fixed scan ratios (4:3) (16:9)
    ? Windowed acquisition
    ? Image rotation, flip and mirroring

    ? Keycode reader
    ? Optical sound decoding
    ? HD / SDI output for preview
    ? Transport control and colour grading from external panel: Tangent Wave

    Additional Information


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